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Ron .C
2013-09-18, 17:07
I was watting to sell my car for a long time. But as you all know selling my car can be a dreadful experience because of all the hassle. Any way, i went to carmax and I was disappointed because they offered me a low amount but thats not what upset me the most. The thing that upset me the most at carmax was that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes just to appraise the car!!! I didn't expect to be help up so long at carmax. So i jumped on yelp.com and searched cash for cars. This is when my bad experience turned into a great one. This guys came to my place (already a great value in that) and looked at carmax's offer and within 20 minutes, he gave me cash and beat carmax's offer. SO NOT ONLY DID HE SAVE ME MONEY, BUT TIME AS WELL. Cash for cars was the choice of a lifetime for me. 5 stars all the way!!!
Joe B.
2013-06-18, 17:00
Absolutely the best experience I have had in selling a car. cash for Cars offered more for my 2006 Honda Accord than Carmax offers. He explained all the details to me very well, and even showed me other comps for what my car was selling for. i really got an education from him.

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